Of Sand and Stars

May the bridges I burn light the way.

When James said ‘we aren’t renovating my basement, we’re renovating our house’ this huge wave of ‘is this real life’ swept over me

And it was the best feeling ever. We get to build our own house from the ground up (kinda) and I’ve never been more excited for the future before

Pretending to be cute at the opera

Pretending to be cute at the opera

Sent James the 50 shades of gray trailer I hope he gets the message

James seemed generally concerned that I wished the purge was a real thing

Gym instructor got a call saying his wife is having her baby and I think I’m more excited than he is

James knows if I say im deleting my Pinterest wedding board the morning after I was showing it off all night to him that something is gravely wrong and immediately calls me, buys me cake and pizza and let’s me cry all day and lay in bed

Disney Meme: [1/10] Favorite Male Characters » Troy Bolton

"Sometimes I don’t wanna be the basketball guy. I just wanna be a guy, you know?"

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Yesterday when we were going to the mall I said i wanted sprite. And he said well where do they sell it? Just to be a smart ass I said the jewelry store to which he said if they sell two liter bottles of sprite in the jewelry store I’ll buy my bb her wedding ring right on the spot.

Idk it just made me feel really happy inside that he now thinks well be happy together forever now too


dont u fucking talk shit about high school musical

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Steven McRae and Dmitry Zagrebin in ‘Les Lutins’ at the Bolshoi


Steven McRae and Dmitry Zagrebin in ‘Les Lutins’ at the Bolshoi

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James and I tell stories every night we hang out well he tells them i listen but now it’s my turn to tell the story and I’m excited but also extremely terrified cause I’ve only told a story once to people but that was written down and they said it was just like a movie.
Here’s to hoping that complement and all the stories I make up listening to music while going to sleep come in handy

Just had a mini panic attack that I’m probably not gonna get my dream wedding if I even get married at all cause my family hates me

I’m sorry but I will never ever take girls with super short hair or boys with long hair seriously.
Like ever.