Of Sand and Stars

May the bridges I burn light the way.

When I get bored taking a bath i send mermaid snap chats to James and pretend I have Ariel hair. He said he’s gonna get me a Ducky so I don’t ruin my phone


Inspired by this.

The rest of my semester

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"The cries, which were loud and numerous at first, died away gradually one by one. I think the last of them must have been heard nearly forty minutes after the Titanic sank. Lifebelts would keep the survivors afloat for hours; but the cold water was what stopped the cries."

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Just found James’ shirt on my floor guess its mine now


Zodiac Gemini facts.


Zodiac Gemini facts.

A thigh gaps a thigh gap, no matter how small

Last night emily and Tom went out while James and I laid in my bed for three hours while he told me stories.

We may have big ups and downs and hate each other sometimes but this boy has seriously ruined any chance of finding anyone else I could love more than him

Sooo we went to dc today

National sibling day hehehe

The perk to having to go to Walmart at 3:30am was now I have more tampons

Not even tired anymore probably cause I’m more excited for McDonald’s breakfast than the actual conference

Gotten around thirteen hours of sleep in 5 days. I’m either gonna pass out at this rock conference or start crying again because I’m so mentally exhausted